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Welcome internet lurker

Welcome to my little corner! First of all thanks for visiting this website! They call me R h i
This blog was created with the purpose to have fun and improve my coding skills, I don't know yet what to post, so in the meanwhile you will see random stuff (?.
I love cats, music, videogames and a little bit of architecture, creating comfy places its an form of art if you ask me.

English is not my first language, so please excuse the weird grammar

My cats

These are my cats, the one in the right is the mom of the other two; their names are Negra, Patas and Muñeca from left to right.

They arrived here in late 2019 after my sister got their mom as a gift from a friend; after our cat died a few months earlier. I wonder what happened to him; we will never know I guess. My grandma picked their names in memory of a cat that belonged to her sister.
They love drinking from a small water fountain that my mom has on the living room; also its fun to see them resting in front of the stove.
♡ They all are very affectionate and very friendly ♡

Thanks for coming!
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